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After the National Day holiday, our team immediately entered into a rich working atmosphere. In October, the leader of the company for all sales staff held a clever PK contest, the atmosphere active tension happy radical, under the joint efforts of everyone, constantly refresh performance, constantly refresh ranking, constantly break through the target. This month has been a very stressful and fulfilling one, and the results have been very gratifying and enjoyable.
PK contest is divided into two teams, the first team and the second world war team.
First team PK champion: Xia chuanhou --Summer Xia Xia (won PK gold of 1300 yuan)
First team PK runner-up is: Anton peach --Amanda An (PK gold 800 yuan)
1st team PK 3rd place: li hang --Cassie Lee (500 yuan PK gold)
First team PK champion: Feng lusjuan --Bella Feng (won PK gold 600 yuan)
PK competition deeply inspired everyone, inspire everyone to become a better themselves! There is a saying that do not force yourself, never know how much.
I believe our team will become more and more excellent under the good incentive mechanism.
Come on, feiyida!


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